How to select a suitable powerbank for my device?

It depends on your personal needs and requirements. Consider several criteria before your selection of a powerbank.

a) Capacity

Assume your phone battery is 1500mAh and it is 0% now, a powerbank with the capacity of 2200mAh can charge your phone for once. But if your phone battery is 3000mAh and it is 0% now, this powerbank will obviously not be able to fully charge your phone. Take a look at the capacity of your phone battery and a powerbank first and think about your actually needs.

b) Number of output

1 output for charging 1 device, 2 outputs for charging 2 devices, etc.

c) Output specification

1A-1.5A output is generally for smartphones, while 1.5A-2.0A output is generally for tablets.


Can it be used in USA or Europe with an adapter? Does it work with 220V?

Yes. It is dual voltage charger and works well with an appropriate adapter


How can I get it connected to the cars power supply?

It can be connected via the cigarette lighter socket in your car.


Does overcharging damage battery?

When the battery is full, do not overcharge! Overcharging of battery may cause serious damage or even fire or explosion. If a battery is getting hot when charging, stop immediately and disconnect the battery from the charger. Never leave a battery unattended while charging. And never let children charge batteries without supervision by adults.


What is DoP (DSD over PCM)?

The original idea for DoP was invented by dCS in 2011. It involves taking groups of 16 adjacent 1-bit samples from a DSD stream and packing them into the lower 16 bits of a 24/176.4 data stream. Data from the other channels of the stereo pair is packed the same way. A specific marker code in the top 8 bits identifies the data stream as DoP, rather than PCM. The resulting DoP stream can be transmitted through existing 24/192-capable USB, AES, Dual AES or SPDIF interfaces to a DoP-compatible DAC, which reassembles the original stereo DSD data stream COMPLETELY UNCHANGED.

If something goes wrong and the data stream is decoded as PCM, the output will be low-level noise with faint music in the background, so it fails safely. This can happen if the computer erases the marker code by applying a volume adjustment.


Why Do I Need A Headphone Amp?

A good speaker needs a good power amplifier for the best performance, so does a headphone! A good miniature power amp, that’s a headphone amp, is also needed for the best performance.

With good headphones and a good headphone amp, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the level of audio performance you can get! In fact, while speaker systems can out-perform headphones in terms of imaging and visceral impact, headphones can deliver much more superior resolutions and details. Most folks will be amazed by their first experience listening to good headphones with a good amp. “I’ve heard stuff I’ve never experienced before! I’m going to listen to my whole music collection again with this.”